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Time Flies

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Time Flies

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The past has been, is gone and can no longer be changed. The present is now, constantly being shaped and becoming the past. The future is uncertain, although it too, will one day be present and past. When is it too late?

It is one year since the whole world witnessed the morning of September 11th, 2001. Today the memories are still etched vividly in our minds. The loved ones lost, have not returned, and I do not believe they will return. We have all been changed slightly.

Cowardly or not, this was an act of total destruction, there's no denying it. But was it really focused on The Twin Towers or The Pentagon? All things materiel can be replaced at one cost or another. This was an attack that would destroy an entire nation. But it didn't.

While I feel shock, sorrow, sadness, grief, anger and countless other feelings, I am compelled to wonder. I feel the need to step back and evaluate the entire world situation. America has not fallen. Its people have grown stronger. But do we really see everything else that is going on?

Let's face the facts. The world today is awful. When the Aztecs lived, they needed no locks on their doors. The idea of stealing was never considered, because people didn't have any ideas like that. Where did these ideas come from?

If we are a little more light-hearted (please excuse that expression, I can't think of another way to put it. I mean no disrespect), we still see "wrong" around us. On the Internet there are hackers and scammers. In our schoolyard there are bullies. People who do things that are wrong don't all come from the same country or same race. They don't have the same beliefs or cultures. There is some bad in all of us, isn't there?

When are we going to wake up and realize that things need to change? The world isn't as simple used to be.

Making the world simple is like saying that one day The Twins Towers stood, and the next they were no longer. There is an entire story that goes with it all, a sad one, but a story and a part of history none the less.

America is the land of the free. Let me tell it to you. Freedom cannot be bought, for it is not materiel. We can't touch freedom. We can certainly touch the things that come along with it, but not freedom itself. Look all the people who are now helping to protect America's freedom. Its citizens are it's strongest bonds. Why do people try and take it away from us?

The morning of September 11th, 2001, a massive grave was created in Washington and in Manhattan, NY. Why are we trying to make that grave bigger? Instead of trying to help each other, we're tearing each other apart. Aren't we trying to find peace in all of this?

You've probably already drawn your own opinions on September the 11th. Not much I say or do can change your opinion. But what happens now, one year later? Before I let you wonder about that question, I want to share a small piece of poetry I wrote, regarding that tragic day. Until you hear my thoughts on another subject, hopefully someday soon, this a solemn Giggler01, leaving you to remember, wonder, hope and change whatever you can.

On this day of September, 2001,
Billowing smoke hides the shining sun,
In one giant rumble,
My nation will surely not crumble,
With silent screams,
And shattered hopes and dreams,
The proud men (and their stubble),
Sift through the rubble.

A Lady of Liberty and rejoice,
Will proclaim our American voice,
While my family is gone,
My land will go on,
We will fight for our justice,
As long as you trust us,
And always remember,
That eleventh day of September.



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