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Amidst Tragedy

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Amidst Tragedy

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Argh,, I bet you're thinking, "Sheesh, come up with a more original idea to write an article about already!" BUT, this is different, give me a moment here, people!

When many people think of September 11, the same words will come to mind. Terror, fear and death. But, I'd like to share with you another view on this tragedy. Millions of people worldwide have witnessed the compassion and bravery of mankind. Just take the firefighters that gave their lives. They ran into the buildings, ready to give their lives so that someone else could live....

New York City was obviously experiencing a lot of heartache from what had happened that day, and the world joined in, yet, in their time of hurt we were shown their pride and courage. Even my family and I, as far away as New Zealand, were supporting America 178.87% Even prayers were said in Maori!

We all offered support in ways we could. We felt the terror that was going through the bodies of innocent workers and their families, we even saw them live on the television, the helpless people at the World Trade Center.

But amongst this heart-wrenching tragedy and pain, we witnessed a miracle. The world coming together! September 11, 2001 is a date that will live on forever and is there for us to acknowledge that we can do it again, we can become one in unity. Even though I felt scared, fearful and angry along with the world that someone could even comprehend, yet go and kill all the people they did, our coming together showed me that there is hope for the world we live in.

As corny as it might sound, I speak the truth, so deal with it! We may look different on the outside, but if you take that away you get to our hearts. I learnt there's only one type of man, mankind.

I don't know what you say now when finishing off an article... I'll stick with the good ol'...

This is Tech-Girl, signing off...



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