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Twister Fish Winners

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Twister Fish Winners
People's choice and Shelly1's choice

by Lois Lee
Times Staff

In between my series on the Renaissance and the next series I take up, I'm happy to be doing some reporting on Whyville events for a change. The biggest news that just came through from City Hall is that we've finally got winners for the Twister Fish contest!

Winners, plural, you ask? Well, yes, we have two winners. And to understand the reason for this, let me give you (or remind you of, as the case may be) a little background.

This whole entire Twister Fish contest was inspired by Shelly1, who created, in words, the original Twister Fish. Shelly1's description of the Twister Fish had our entire Times Staff so enthralled, we talked City Hall into sponsoring an art contest on the best interpretation of the Twister Fish.

The submissions came rolling in, kicking off the grand opening of the Times Gallery, and Whyvillians were invited to vote on which they thought was the best Twister Fish, which we are now calling the "People's Choice Award".

But since Shelly1 is the original creator of the Twister Fish, we thought it would only be fair that she also had a say on which Twister Fish picture best depicted what she had in mind. Hence, the "Shelly1's Choice Award".

Enough of my blabbering and let's get down to business. The winner of the People's Choice Award is:

(click to see full size image)


Almost 700 votes were cast for this contest (a new record for Whyville!), and Kelly's fish won by a wide margin: she had twice as many votes as the next runner-up!

Now for the Shelly1's Choice Award. Shelly1 also entered the contest with artwork of her own, but very graciously she did not pick herself. Instead, she picked Peeves: "I picked Peeves because his looked most like the picture of the twister fish i had in my mind. The others were all very nice but just not as accurate as peeves's picture."

(click to see full size image)

Congratulations, Kelly and Peeves! You will receive 100 clams each for winning this contest AND you will receive a special art trophy to display in your room!

Whyvillians, send a note to our People's Choice Winner Kelly and our Shelly1's Choice Winner Peeves and congratulate them!


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