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About War

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About War

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Hey, it's LukeG and I'm going to talk a little bit about war. Nobody likes it, still it happens all the time. Two countries decide to start shooting at each other, bombing and a lot of other terrible things.

After the war is over, what is really achieved? Knowing that you can use weapons to kill and slaughter others? Maybe you show the world you are powerful? Ask your grand-parents or maybe your parents if they were in a war and ask them if they felt good when the war was won. Probably not. They most likely felt good because it was over, not because they won. In my opinion, wars are not won. There are no winners in killing others.

In response to the accident that happened to the four Canadians: all accidents can be avoided, all of them. I believe it was because of lack of training of the Americans that those Canadians died. It didn't have to happen, but it did. A couple days later, the Chronicle Herald (a local paper in Halifax) put out a comic showing a beaver leaning against Uncle Sam, and Uncle Sam was saying, "You never know when those terrorists'll strike," and the beaver replies, "Funny, I was thinking the same thing about you guys."

It may have been uncalled for, but I think it was right. If the Americans just send poorly trained troops to fight the war, and we send our loved ones into battle alongside our allies then we are attacked by allies? With friends like them who need enemies? I'm sorry this is quite a long article but I have one more thing. I recently read an article in the paper that said the pilot who bombed the Canadians got away without any charges, and one of the Canadian soldier's father said, "You are better off being the enemies of the Americans, you'll have a better chance of escaping." I hope he settled down, because he really doesn't know that having Americans for allies is great, we are right next door and excellent friends (I think.)

What I'm trying to say is that war brings out the worst in everybody. People may have pride for fighting for your country, but war is still just bad.

This is a very confused LukeG,,
Signing out.



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