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The Bigger Picture

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The Bigger Picture

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Hey, it's WhyPuppy here! I bet y'all missed me (yea, right). Well, I just had a thought, and here it is!

I was thinkin'. Do you realize how stupid some things in this world are? I mean, think about the little things we worry about every single day! And the things we have fights, arguments, or even wars over? Like people right now are fighting over LAND... it's dirt, people, let it go! And we are having another war just because people don't like us because we have different beliefs! It's LAME!

And we are sitting here, worrying about if we are gonna get to see that new movie that's out or if we have the latest fashions or if your stock goes up or if you have enough money!

Does anyone stop to look at the bigger picture? The world can change in a second! Is any of this really gonna matter if the world ends tomorrow? How did we get so complex? So civilized? How did we get so that all we care about is the stuff that won't matter later on and really shouldn't matter now?

Do you think we might have been better off if we didn't get so civilized? If we kept things simple? We have a government and a leader who (and no offense to the government or anything) sets out all these rules and regulations for us to follow. And the media advertises all these new products and tell us we need them. But do we?

What if we never made a government and what if there was no media? What if we didn't get so advanced? Things would be simple. Maybe we would be living like the cave men, but would it be better?

And you might say, "Well, what about technology that helps us?" Well, technology helps us live with medicines and such -- but it also destroys us with bombs, nuclear weapons, etc. It's good and bad.

I look at some things I worry about each day, like (for example) these girls were basically harassing me over the internet because back in JANUARY they said some not good stuff about me and then in JANUARY! I said ONE little bad thing about them, ONE, and they found out and now are trying to make my life a living hell. But I worry about it and then I think about it and I laugh.

They are SO stupid! They go around saying all this stuff about how they are better than me. But I know I am fine because I don't worry about petty stuff like that. I have learned to let it go. And I know one day they are gonna get SO beat up by someone who won't take their junk! (Or maybe they'll learn to relax about it all? That would be nice....) But that's not my point....

And people fight because they don't agree with your beliefs or skin color. Well, is it actually a problem if someone's skin is darker? Personally, I would consider it a blessing, because I like to be tan (LoL). A long time ago and still in some places around the world, people who were born into royal families looked down on those who weren't and treated everyone else terribly. I pity those rich snobs. They can be the stupidest and most complex people of all. They have to learn to do things the proper way and always have to look "nice" and they are the ones who worry about the STUPIDEST things. There is no proper way to do anything -- you don't have to look nice and you don't have to worry about the stupidest things.

Some people think less of others because of the way they look! This may sound stupid, but is it your fault if you're ugly? Or fat? Do you think people choose to be fat and ugly? Don't you think if they could look like super-models, they would? Far be it for us to ridicule them for the way they were made. It's your personality and what you think that counts. And if you have a bad personality, then why don't you change it? Why don't we all just get along? Why cant we all be nice to everyone and forget about all the other stuff? If we didn't focus on what we don't like about people, would there be as much violence on this earth?

There are so many things in this world that are pointless. Fighting, war, violence, unhappiness. We don't have to have these things, yet we do and they cause hurt and pain and they don't have to happen. But we are the ones who let them happen. And it's sad. It really is.

But might it be true that we need both good and bad? Well... no matter how simple things get, there will be good and there will be bad. But I don't think there would be as much.

So, do you think everything might be better if we hadn't become so advanced? Do we really need to worry about all that stuff like money and material things? Is it too late for us to get along and not focus on hate? Or did we pass up that chance when we got so civilized? Should we ridicule each other because we look feel or act different? Shouldn't we always try and look at the bigger picture?

The key to happiness could be looking past all this junk and just learning to like each other. We could be so happy if we stopped and thought about what will matter in the end. And I doubt that money, cars, and anything like that is going to. I think it's what you make of your life and how you treat everyone else. And you can go either way -- I personally choose to be nice. 'Cuz what goes around, comes around!

Um... so, did I make a point? I'm sure you got me. I hope I left you wondering about these things, all those questions. Think long and hard if you can. This is WhyPuppy... walkin' out the door... byez... *click*



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