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A Whyville Connection to 9-11?

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A Whyville Connection to 9-11?

Guest Writer

'Ello all Whyvillians who read this article. This is whygurl69, here to report a sad story and to ask you one question, will Whyville remain, or crash down to the ground?

Does anyone remember the September 11th, 2001, incident in New York?? I'm sure you do. All was gone, but people had hope. Well, it's just like Whyville. Whyville may go down because they don't have enough money to keep Whyville up. Whyville could be shut down!? I mean, look what Whyville's doing for you! The new stuff in City Records, the new mail, the map, and the waiting room, don't you think that cost money, too?

The point is, no one has everything, and no one will ever get everything; everyone wants a Why-pass and they want to get it for free. If everyone got a Why-pass for free, well, when you finally used it, Whyville would be gone, no more money! I mean, you got your Why-passes for free, right? Buy a Why-pass, or a certificate. For Whyville! I mean, if you want it remain tall, standing straight, then you pay. I know some parents don't agree. Some of my friends say it's a scam, that when you give them a credit card number they take all the money out. I don't believe it! Whyville's office, ARGH!!! Yuck! They don't have enough money to keep it up.

But, tell me people. Why do you like Whyville? It was first supposed to be an educational site, but all you people care about is if you're pretty or cute. It wouldn't be so bad if you just bought face parts once in a while, but all the time!? Why don't you work on your salary, instead of spending money away? Just try, and support Whyville.

Well, I gotta end this, before you people start y-mailing me and complaining! LoL!

This is whygurl69, signing off... off... off... OFF... POOF!



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