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Small Changes

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Small Changes

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Heyz! Lately I've been able to get on Whyville a lot easier, but I guess that that just isn't the case today! Anyway, today, while I'm stuck in the waiting room, I've decided to write an article on what I have discovered looking at some of the earlier articles in the archives.

One of the articles I was reading was by Bigfoot. He wrote it in 1999 and it was all about the clams. Actually, it was called, "It's All About the Clams". There were two things that caught my eye in a picture used in the article. These two things actually had NOTHING to do with what he was writing about, but they still caught my eye. The picture was of the bank statement page in his ledger.

The first thing I noticed was that, where it listed what you gotten your clams from and what you did to lose them, it said that he had gotten 15 clams as a house building bonus, 10 clams as a nose picking bonus, 5 clams as a plot picking bonus, and 10 clams as a room building bonus. It sounded really familiar, as a matter of fact, but I didn't know why. Maybe I have read something about it before in a different article. Maybe Whyville only stopped doing that not too long ago. I haven't been a member for TOO long. Only since around October of 2001. IF I COULD GET ON (grrrr), then I would check if I have ever gotten clams for these things. But I can't!

O.K. Second thing: over the bus menu it said, "Groovy New Stuff". Well that looked familiar, too. This connects with some older rumors about the Whyville Ghost. About 2 or 3 months ago there was a lot of talk about this Whyville Ghost affecting your screen, and it had happened to me a few times. By "it" I mean what happens when the "Whyville Ghost" gets you. Basically, your computer starts flashing every once in a while and will eventually freeze up. Most people said that this is because you have been on Whyville for too long (I don't mean like you're an oldbie, but that you have been on for a few hours). This sounds about right, because the 2 or 3 times that it happened to me, I had been on for about 4 hours.

(I haveto finish this article soon because my Dad's telling me to hurry up because we're going to the lake tomorrow and we only go once a year if at all and I'm just a LITTLE off topic now, aren't I? I like talking and goin on, and on, and on...)

OK! Back to the Whyville Ghost thing! For me, every time it flashed, the bus menu changed and it said, "Groovy New Stuff" in the EXACT same way (only in a different colour because when it did the flashy thing everything changed colour). So, I leave to let you wonder (X-files style, kinda): maybe there really is a Whyville Ghost! It could be an old Whyvillian who was on for too long, preventing someone else from getting on, and now he's trying to stop people from making the same mistake...!

This is kewlgurl6, signing off! And, don't worry, I'M FINE!!!



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