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Aliens - the True Facts

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Aliens - the True Facts

by Tech-Girl
  Times Investigator

We all read about the alien found here in Whyville, we've all seen the UFO flying over Whyville, but this has left us wanting more. I decided I'd go alien hunting! I started by looking in the Archives.

I found out their names...

Captain Orzo
Science Officer Liam
Navigator Maive
First Mate Blog

Blog has been seen in Whyville.

That was all I'd found out that was of interest to me. Nothing was in the BBS. I needed to get closer. What better place than the ship?!

I went aboard... I had already organised a time to meet with the Captain Orzo

Tech-Girl= What are your plans for Whyville
Orzo= We don't plan to hurt anyone, we are just studying Whyvillians.

Tech-Girl= How can we be sure?
Orzo= Well for one thing we allow you to come aboard our UFO.

Tech-Girl= Do you feel threated when people come aboard your ship?
Orzo= No. Everyone's friendly.

Tech-Girl= Have you ever come down into Whyville?
Orzo= Blob has.

Tech-Girl= How old are you?
Orzo= 2,350 yrs

Tech-Girl= Where do you come from?
Orzo= Orb Galaxy. That's about 3 million light-years away from your Milky Way.

Tech-Girl= Do you have anything you would like to say to everyone in Whyville?
Orzo= Yes. Please don't be scared if we choose to come exploring in Whyville. And keep up the good work finding my friends. Remember it gives you a better salary.

Thank-you Captain Orzo.

This is Tech-Girl Signing off.

Tech-Girl and Orzo in the UFO from Orb.



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