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Y-Mail Helper FAQ

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Y-Mail Helper FAQ

Times Writer & Y-Mail Helper

The reason I'm writing this is to help clear up many of the questions I've been receiving lately.

Q: How can I become a Y-Mail Helper too? or Can you make me one...
A: If you think you'd be able to do a good job, you should probably talk to City Hall.

Q: Can you un-banish or un-tape me or so-and-so?
A: As a Y-Mail Helper, I have no special powers. I play a very tiny role in punishments... and that tiny role is to warn, silence or 911 Report people.

Q: Will you be my BF?
A: I'm flattered that you'd ask me this question, but the truth is, I am against b/fs and g/fs on Whyville. Sorry!

Q: I'm new to Whyville... could you spare me some clams?
A: First of all, I check to see if you really are new, or if you don't have a high salary. If you're lying, I wouldn't help you at all. But if you were telling the truth, you'd know that. You can click 'Earning more Clams!' located underneath the Whyville Screen (the part where you can walk around and chat) in the Whyville Square.

Q: I've been hacked, can you give me 'usernamehere' back?
A: First of all, I don't have any powers, and I don't have the ability to figure out if you really are hacked, or if you want someone else's account. Second of all, if you have proof, or if you think you know who did it, you can speak to City Hall.

Q: Can you help me with...? I'd talk to City Hall, but I don't know how...
A: You can always speak to the Whyville staff at: city-management@whyville.net.

Q: How'd you get so many clams?
A: Take a guess... I earned them all myself, the regular way! Scary, huh? Well, I still have more games to finish... for example, I still haven't finished the Treasure Hunt! It's REALLY hard. :)

Q: Can you help me with _______ game?
A: Now that's the kind of question I can answer! Now, I won't mention anything here; if you do have problems, Y-mail me. But, I'm going to make a website with some hints for games... not the whole solution, but hints. :) Editor's Note: That's the Whyville Way!

If you have any questions to add here, please y-mail me, as I'm going to make a follow-up to this article.

I'd also like either an WSP or another Y-mail Helper to Y-mail me with any questions that they receive, too :)

Thanks for reading!



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