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The Greater Good

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The Greater Good

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I read the 'critical' article by smileNOW, and I must tell you, I wasn't at all happy. In fact, I was sort of angry. (I'm over that now.) I was angered by the fact that Whyvillians ask and ask, but do they know how Whyville does this stuff?

M-O-N-E-Y. Yes, folks, the green stuff. No, folks, it doesn't grow on trees. I see petitions upon petitions saying how we need theme parks, beaches (which we've now got), pet stores, salons, dating services, full bodies, and so much more. Then I read the "Newbies should get 100 clams when they start" and "No more Whypasses!"

People. I wasn't handed clams when I started, and frankly, if you'd play the games, you'd have PLENTY of clams. It's not the fact you can't do it, it's the fact you're too darn lazy to do it. I see people that have been on Whyville for 4-5 months and still don't have a salary, but have decent faces, which were gotten through begging.

Then Whypasses, jeez. How do you think we got the beach, the revamped mall, the fancy entrance, and all the new fancy jazz that's been added?? (Thanks, by the way, Whyville staff!) Whypasses. Remember the green stuff we went over earlier? Money, yes.

If you people want all your fancy dating services and junk, find sponsors. I've read it somewhere, and I'm sorry to repeat this, but if you want all this stuff, help out the community. You scream, "City Hall isn't helping us!" but the real truth is WE aren't helping us. We sit on our lazy hind ends, expecting City Hall to find a pet store to sponsor the Whyville pet store, or a theme park willing to give us a hand. I know that someone reading this has useful connections. Use them.

Let's make Whyville truly our town, because so far, the only thing I've seen done is a bunch of people whining. Work for the greater good, because you can't get by with begging.




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