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I Get It, I Get It!!

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I Get It, I Get It!!

Guest Writer

Ok, well, yes, you probably all know me as the girl who likes to criticize in the MEANEST ways, LoL. But NO, that ain't my name, hehe, it's smileNOW to you people! LoL.

Anyway, I would just like to say that though I deserved it for being mean; the Times Editor put my article out like two months after I wrote it. Seriously, I wrote that article FOREVER ago, and I guess I deserved the lashing I received from City Hall. I am sorry, though, and I do want you to understand that I'm very happy with the new and improved Whyville!



Editor's Note: Hi, smileNOW. My apologies to you for printing your article so much later than it seems you would have wanted. It's certainly stirred up quite a bee's nest, from all the articles like Shellbert's that I've received -- I'd hate to see your inbox! I hope everyone understands that you have always been speaking from an honest desire to see Whyville improve itself, for everyone. And I think you've come to see that change can only happen so fast! :)

Another point I should make to everyone -- folks, when you submit an article to us, if you feel it shouldn't be published after a certain date, please include that request in your submission. The Times has posted articles that were six months old, or older, so keep that in mind! We try not to publish anything that's obviously out of date -- no Christmas in July articles -- but otherwise, if it's got worthwhile research or stories or opinion, it'll probably find its way to print, whether one week or six months later!



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