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Operation Oprah II

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Operation Oprah II

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Hey hey its RJ! Today the Times Editor emailed me back about one of my articles about sponsoring and said that a long time ago googles (the best Whyville Times Writer and best Whyvillian EVER, in my humble opinion) tried to get our little town on Oprah!

Now, I'm not going to get too specific, but I live near where Oprah is recorded! CHICAGO!!! EEE!!! Sorry, I got too excited again!

So, I just emailed Oprah herself and asked if we could be on her show, as Oprah loves helping girls (and you guys. too, but admit it, there are more chicks on Whyville than guys).

I sent her THIS email:

    Dear Oprah,

    My name is **** [name removed for safety] but my cyber friends call me RachelJay.

    My mom told me you like to help people (especially girls) and I go to this website meant for learning science and math. I am 12 years old and


    this site. What's it called?


    Yeah, yeah so far it seems like I'm a nerd and I'm wack about a stupid site (that's what my classmates say at least), but they are SOOO wrong! Whyville is a way kool site. In fact, when you're done you should go there yourself.

    The Whyville head page for one thing looks kool itself. Then you will have to go inside as a guest because if you sign up right there you will have to wait 5 days to get chat privileges and if you're under 13 you need mom n' dads signature.

    But if that is too long to wait, you can go on my account. I am trusting you with my password, so please don't say, "Hi, I Work for Oprah," or "I am Oprah!" Whyville would freak. And I am a well-known writer there and value my respect.

    Editor's Note: In the future, you can just tell whatever sponsor you're talking to that they can contact City Hall at city-management@whyville.net; she will give them our "corporate" account. That way you don't have to worry about giving away your own passwords! Thanks!!

    Now, once you get on you can see a bus on the left and a welcome screen. It changes often so I can't tell you what it's gonna say. The bus has a map to Whyville, the Whyville times (which I work for), my backpack and a walkie talkie (my Whyville mail -- you can only y-mail people in Whyville, nothing like yahoo.com or AOL or anything. That's for safety.).

    Then there is the pull down menu to the hot spots in Whyville. Explore it, because Whyville is huge and I can't explain it all to you.

    Whyville is a great little village (hopefully soon it will be a city) 'home' to over 260,800 people (children under the age of 18 [duh]), but the population is often changing.

    I really like Whyville a lot and visit at least 3 times a day, but since school has started I only go on after school and after all my homework is done Which takes 2 hours or so. But the funny thing is, Whyville is educational, where you play science and math games to make 'clams' or money to buy face parts. So I basically go straight from one educational thing to another!

    Mostly girls are part of Whyville and we ALL love it. But our #1 sponsor (the guy who founded us) ran out of money and hosting a HUGE website isn't cheap. We need sponsors. I have emailed companies such as JC Penny's and GAP and stuff but they haven't responded and will probably say no.

    But then the Whyville Editor told me that a LONG time ago, googles (everyone knows who googles is in Whyville, she was a great Times Writer [the best EVER] and was really nice) tried to get Whyville on your show. So that's what I'm trying.

    I live in Chicago and could be on if you like Whyville.

    Please Please Please, for Whyville this would be our big break, the ball for the cannon!

    Please consider this and maybe if not the show, maybe just sponsoring us.

    g2g, I promised a kid on Whyville I'd help him (or her) with English HW.

    Yours truly,


    P.S. Please have Oprah read this, I know she would love it!

And here is the automatic response!

    Thank you!

    This is just a quick note to let you know that your message went through.

    As you may have assumed, we get too many messages to answer personally, but we do read them all. If a producer takes interest in what you wrote, you'll likely be getting a call or an email back. That could be soon or later on.

    We are grateful that you wrote to The Oprah Winfrey Show!

YOU KNOW WHAT THIS MEANS? We have to be super duper way totally good for a really long time, because who knows when she would come on to Whyville?!

OMG OMG OMG! This is so exciting. So (as Chuckie Finster from the Rugrats says), "We gots be the bestest babies eber!" Everyone be on their best behavior and I'll check up on you when I get some updates from Oprah.

g2g scream in my pillow from excitement!



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