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A City Effort

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A City Effort

Times Writer

You know something's messed up when: there's about 20 dogs chasing you from your bus stop to your house. (Maybe I just have a magnetic personality!)

I am here today to tell everyone about my latest "Sponsor Finding Scheme". I have written a long, online petition (outside of Whyville) explaining a bit of Whyville to people who would be interested in sponsoring Whyville.

Once I have gotten enough signatures, I will write some letters to the people of major companies, I will politely and formally tell them about Whyville and how they can support us. I'll also tell them about our petition.

When major investors see all the people who have taken the time to sign our petition, it will be a lot more persuasive. Companies will see that we really are people, and we really are interested in their support.

You can sign my petition at: http://www.petitiononline.com/YSponsor/petition.html Reminder: This link will take you to a webpage outside of and not controlled by Whyville!

I would greatly appreciate it if you would take the time to contribute, and get your friends to sign it as well. It won't take long, and you never know what could become of this.

I will be writing letters to companies that are interested in teenagers, and I would like your suggestions. If there is a company you would like to suggest you can Why-mail me!

Thanks for your help guys,


Note from City Hall: A beautiful idea, Giggler01, and thank you for all your efforts. One note of concern, however -- we strongly suggest that no one sign their *full* names to your petition, in fact, we would prefer that you sign only your username *or* your first name, not both. It's just safer internet practice to keep all your personal information as private as possible. We also encourage everyone to talk with their parents about both these issues -- the Whyville petition and privacy on the web in general.

Thanks again, Giggler01, and to everyone reaching out to help our community, together. It means so much to us all here at City Hall. Things are looking brighter and brighter every day, because of you all.

City Hall



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