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What's Up For This Fall?

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What's Up For This Fall?

Times Writer

This past week has been a fairly engrossed one on Whyville, with the introduction of new chat-rooms to the hectic home lives of citizens getting used to their back to school schedules. Have you heard the latest scoops? This article will inform you on what is happening inside Whyville as we prepare for the upcoming fall season.

Most recently, the new beach embarked on a journey as Whyville's newest chat room, and became the talk of the town for quite a few days. Citizens themselves who believed that a new seaside chatting area would be a perfect incorporation to Whyville introduced the concept of the beach quite a long time ago. The City Workers then came up with the idea of a fundraiser that would, at the same time, assist Whyville and provide funds to establish this groovy new hangout. City Hall even composed a new Why-Pass deal to encourage citizens to support their community. Eventually, our intrepid explorer Slim the Bushwhacker (one of Bigfoot Bill's friends) was hired to find the beach. So where was the beach located, you ask? Many people say that it was off Whyville's coast and could be discovered by creating a pathway through Whyville's enchanted forest. With the support of citizens who purchased Why-Passes, the new hangout was successfully detected and is Whyville's newest place to chat and meet friends.

Something that influenced much controversy was the reconstruction of Akbar's Face Mall. The new changes brought shock and disappointment throughout Whyville. Many citizens did not support the renovations of their boutique where they had learned to shop themselves. New stores became foreign as people struggled to become used to their surroundings. One of the biggest concerns was the inability to try on face parts and not being able to search for certain stores. City Hall set up a notice explaining that they understood that people were displeased. In due time, they created a second renovation to the Mall. As of the time that I am writing this article, renovations are still taking place. Although the mall is not perfect, they are striving to make it better for us. So be patient. You might notice how things such as the method of how you try on a part has changed. Not to mention the new layout of stores and products.

In the Back-To-School double issue last week, the Whyville Times included a special additional section. It was to remember and reflect on the events of September 11, 2001. Whyvillians submitted articles that dealt with their own personal feelings on the topic. If you still have not seen any of these articles, be sure to check out the Times' archive section.

In the upcoming future (more specifically at the end of the month of September), the workers of Whyville hope to acquaint citizens with a new challenge. This new challenge includes food, and more directly, is a way to make young teenagers more aware of nutrition. I salvaged up some information about the new nutrition game from the Newsflash Article that was based upon Whyville and published in a summer edition of the LA Times. It explains how citizens must use their clams to purchase food products. Junk-food items such as hamburgers and french-fries will be on the menu, as well as healthier choices such as fruits and vegetables. The article also gave notes on our precious animated face rotting if we do not eat a balance diet. Just like the Why-Pox epidemic, our faces may suddenly appear fragile and sick-looking if we overload on junk food. Therefore, buyer beware!

Despite the new changes that Whyville has introduced, citizens seem to enjoy the site just as much as they had before. The new alterations enable us to grow and mature as a community. Be conscious that you are part of Whyville's history in the making. I have discovered news that countries in the Far East such as China have become interested in Whyville. This is wonderful because it creates more sponsorship opportunities. Not to mention those citizens from other countries allow you to learn about different cultures and lifestyles. It is intriguing to think where Whyville will be in the next couple of years. With only two years under its belt, Whyville managed to reach the ten thousand-citizen mark. Since then it has been featured in the LA Times and given coverage on CNN Headline News. What might happen in the next couple of years? Only time will tell that one.

Hope to see you next-week,


P.S. I understand that this is completely off-topic, however I was looking through my physics textbook and came across something Whyville-related. You know the projectiles that citizen's fire across the computer screen at one another? Well, "projectile" is a science-related term. Projectile motion (as it is called) is a curved motion and is caused when an object is accelerated (meaning, it speeds up) by a force in a given direction. This motion can sometimes be detected in degrees. Just like on Whyville!



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