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What's Your Whyville Personality?

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What's Your Whyville Personality?

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Take this short test to find out what your Whyville personality is!

The best thing about Whyville is:
a. The fun games you can play.
b. You can learn cool stuff about science.
c. Money! Clams! You can make lots of clams!
d. People! Tons of people my age joined, so I can make tons o' friends!
e. I love the way you can make your own face, dress in the best styles, and look, well... HOT!

What are the best places to visit on Whyville?
a. The games -- dance creation, Spin Lab, and Smart Cars!
b. All the information pages about how things work!
c. My ledger! I make sooo many clams, and I love it!
d. The chats, of course! I love to meet new people!
e. Abkars'! I'm constantly checking out cool, new styles!

What would your dream face be?
a. Stuff that said "Whyville" on it!
b. Awards I earned and... I know!..A weather vane on top of my head!
c. Money in my hands! Lots of it!
d. My shirt would say single, my hat would say, "I Luv to Chat!"
e. The latest styles, of course!

Okay, now...

See which letter(s) you picked the most....

Mostly A's: Gamester
You love to compete, you love to win!

Mostly B's: Smarty Pants!
You like learning about things!

Mostly C's: Tycoon!
You are the Whyville billionaire! You strive to succeed...and you love those clams!

Mostly Ds: Chatster!
You love to talk and you probably have lots of friends!

Mostly E's: Stylish
You are always looking great in the latest styles!



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