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Clear Stupid's Name!

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Clear Stupid's Name!

by coolpig
  Concerned Citizen

Dear Editor,

I'm a member of Whyville who knows a lot about what the newspaper can do. Personally I believe it does more bad then good. So when I found out about an event that occured in Whyville I was extremely disappointed.

A while back, in the Whyville Times, it was reported that stupid was harassing other Whyvillians. This was surprising because I knew stupid and I knew that she would not do anything like this.

I told her the next day that she was in the Whyville Times and she told me that she had not been on Whyville in a long time. It was later figured out that someone must have obtained her password and done this.

I know that there was no way that anyone could have known that this was not stupid who was acting innapropriately, but now I think that it should be known.

Thanks, Coolpig

Note from City Hall: Folks, yet another example of what a big mess it can be when you let somebody know your password. Guard your password with your Whyville life, because it IS your Whyville life. It's not just your face, your house, and your clams at stake here. It is also your reputation!



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