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The Stars Are My Pillow

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The Stars Are My Pillow

unknown author
Whyville Poet
I look at the stars on a beautiful night,
though it seems not so beautiful when you're giving a fight.
I'm alone in my world, with no one around,
it's so terrible to feel that you'll never be found.
When I was back at home, I was the best of the best,
but then my dreams were shattered, a large pain grew in my chest.
So I look at the stars and become my own galaxy,
though even now I know my destiny.
They will tell me I'm not good enough,
But I'm sure that I'm already pretty tough.
Looking at the stars tells me so many things,
I'd hate to give up all of my dreams.
I want to be everything and anything I want,
so much that I cry over those people who told me not.
The stars calm me down, tell me that it's all ok,
even on not such a wonderful day.
I want to be good, I want to be great,
but everyone's opinions keep changing my fate.
Why should I care what they think and feel,
it should be my feelings that come to my appeal.
Alas, I'm not like that, I need the world to know me...
maybe I don't have a fate to be.
I just can't see it now, not when they hate my destiny,
only if I didn't care that I thought they cared for me!
It's so devastating to know that they're not there,
It's makes life so unbelievably unfair!
I just can't go on to fulfill my dreams,
just knowing that they don't know all these things!
The worst thing of all puts my heart to an end,
I know that they are my only true friends.
How could they betray me,
cut me down like a tree!
I once trusted them to be supportive,
and now look at me!
The stars shine so brightly, I want to be one of them!
I want to shine, to stick out, like a beautiful gem.
Stars are the ones that are my pillow to cry on,
they don't say a word, and let me talk on and on.
How come my friends aren't? It's a mystery to me.
When I don't become world famous they'll finally see.
I did need their trust, their advice, their sympathy.
Now the stars are my pillow, and I'm going to sleep.



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