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What's New This Week

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What's New This Week

There's only one week left till Whyville's first Prom, and there are two questions being asked all around town:

Question number one is, "Who will be Prom King and Prom Queen?" Well, the vote is still on, so if you haven't yet voted, you should really get on it pronto. The poll is in DanceGurl's article from last week.

Question number two is, "How are we going to handle so many people at the Sportplatz?" The Whyville crew is well aware of this problem and is working on some super secret special solutions to the matter. So just hold on to your horses and wait for the surprise.

In the meantime, check out this week's special edition of the Times, the Prom Double Issue. DanceGurl updates us with last minute news on the prom, and Whyvillians Chloe, Lizylue, spockdog, and MilkyWay speak out on all sorts of issues surrounding the big event. And while we're on the topic of proms and dances, there's a special article from Auntie M on a famous dancer we should all know about.

There's also the Times' first picture interview by Tami324, and Karra, applegate, and FunStar contributes to our first Jokes section. Amanda provides some contrast to our big Prom event with a selection of worst-day experiences. And of course, we have our weekly installment of poetry. This week's featured poet -- Sarahbear.

Please enjoy this extra-fat double issue at a leisurely pace, as I'll be taking a hiatus from the paper next week to help our city workers with preparations for the Prom!

Times Editor

From Times Photographer Alicia: People are welcoming others to the Whyville prom. As known many more Whyvillians will be gathering in Whyville May 27 for a Whyville prom, so join us and many more Whyvillians here at the Sportplatz.
Prom idea by Karra, a veteran Whyvillian who takes pride in Whyville. A special thanks to City Hall for inventing Whyville. Thanks from all of us here!!!!


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