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Thursday, September 19

"The Stock Exchange" (History Channel, 7-8 pm E/P) This documentary explains the origins of the New York Stock Exchange, the "market" that you're always hearing about as it goes "up" or "down" - maybe determining your future. Now the epicenter of the U.S. economy, which also pushes other nation's "markets" up and down, it started as an open air meeting place near a wooden wall (running along Wall Street) across Manhattan Island intended to keep Native Americans from expelling the place's European colonists. It's become a computer-driven wonder where $90 million changes hands every minute.

"Cowboy King" (The Learning Channel, 10-11 pm E/P) From Calgary, Alberta to Pecos, Texas, Ty Murray is recognized as the king of the cowboys. He makes his living riding wild horses and bucking bulls. Addicted to the thrill of these rides (and also to dating singer/songwriter Jewel), he competes in rodeos for pay -- and to win the "Gold Buckle", a trophy awarded to the winner of the annual "All-Around Cowboy World Title".

Friday, September 20

"Thunderbirds" (Discovery Channel 9-10 pm E/P) This documentary follows the men and women of the U.S. Air Force precision flying team through their training and eventual life 'on the road' (it's not unlike a circus troop, but with jet airplanes to ride and take care of instead of elephants). Take a look at the official website for this group for interesting background on some of the people you will see at work in the documentary: http://www.airforce.com/thunderbirds/index.htm

"Only A Teacher" (PBS, 10-11 pm E/P) This is the concluding segment of a documentary series that explored the diverse faces and many incarnations of the American teacher from the 1820's until today. In this episode teachers help students overcome social inequality. (A cool part of the story is about a man who used to work at MTV who becomes a teacher.) There's information on the whole series at http://www.pbs.org/onlyateacher/about3.html.

Saturday, September 21

"Hurricane! When The Big One Hits" (CNN, 8-9 pm ET, 5-6 pm PT) In this documentary we see a hurricane begin with gusts of wind in North Africa, gather power in the Atlantic Ocean and arrive on the U.S. coast as a storm with the energy of dozens of nuclear bombs. The film goes inside the National Hurricane Center where scientists struggle to track these capricious storms, predict a course and make life and death decisions that may effect thousands of people in the path of the next Big One.

Sunday, September 22

"The Civil War" (PBS, 8-10 pm E/P) This TV series, which sort of re-defined TV 12 years ago -- not just public television but TV in general -- has been digitally re-mastered and will be re-broadcast nightly this week (September 22-26). There's seldom been better TV before or since. Watching any episode of the series will also acquaint you with remarkable men and women (the most interesting first-hand accounts are from women, I think) displaying amazing resourcefulness in getting through a war alive -- and not mentally wrecked. These people also 'invented the wheel', in that during this war they perfected technology such as emergency medical techniques, submarines, electronic command and control networks, aerial surveillance technology and daily news coverage. The website is also fascinating http://www.pbs.org/civilwar/.

Monday, September 23

"It's A Living" (A&E 9-11 pm E/P) This is a documentary look behind the scenes at the reality of the workplace -- jobs people love to hate or hate to do. For instance, selling cars in Las Vegas, selling cosmetics in Dallas or maintaining a luxurious hotel in New York. The producers of this film sort of had in mind " Survivor". It's suspenseful like that kind of show. But I am recommending it so you'll be scared into taking education seriously and may be motivated to escape the fate of the folks in this show.

Tuesday, September 24

"100 Best Companies For Working Mothers" (CNBC, 8-9 pm E/P) This documentary reports on what companies are doing to attract top female talent. It's not to early for you to be thinking about this sort of thing. Better to scope out various different career paths while you're still young enough to change your mind about the whole thing -- and not get stuck later. How companies treat working mothers is a sure sign of how they treat women in general. Take a look at the accompanying Working Mother Magazine website, where the motto of the publication is "A Smart Guide For A Whole Life" -- http://www.workingwoman.com/oct_2001/100_best.shtml.

Wednesday, September 25

"Junkyard Wars: Collapsible Cars" (The Learning Channel, 9-10 pm E/P) OK, I'm obsessed with this show. My motive is pure, however. I want to turn all of you into techie fanatics committed to wringing maximum results from a minimum of means. For instance, this show will explain how to use practically nothing (junk) to make an actual race car that can be transported to the race site in four suitcases. (In the show, one team decides to use the suitcases as part of the structure of their car.) Competing are The Wenches With Wrenches, an all woman-team, one member of which is a professional wrestler. They're up against the Custom Crusiers, a (male) custom car club.

Thursday, September 26

"Snow White:The Fairest Of Them All" (Hallmark Channel 9-11 pm E/P) This movie is a brand-new re-telling of the classic fairy tale by Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm. It's actually it's a sort of retro version because it's way closer to the original creepiness than the animated Disney production. This live-action, special effects-filled version stars Miranda Richardson as the evil queen and has been written/directed by Caroline Thompson ("The Addams Family", "Edward Scissorhands"). You may want to take a look at the official website (http://www.hallmarkent.com/SnowWhite) before you watch the show. The synopsis will tip you off to just how 'gothic' (really nasty royalty) this originally was and, in this movie, still is. Available on video and DVD.


Thursday, September 19
    The Stock Exchange
    Cowboy King

Friday, September 20
    Only A Teacher

Saturday, September 21
    Hurricane! When The Big One Hits

Sunday, September 22
    The Civil War

Monday, September 23
    It's A Living

Tuesday, September 24
    100 Best Companies For Working Mothers

Wednesday, September 25
    Junkyard Wars: Collapsible Cars

Thursday, September 26
    Snow White:The Fairest Of Them All


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