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The Prom is Getting Nearer and Nearer

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The Prom is Getting Nearer and Nearer

by DanceGurl
Times Reporter



As the Whyville prom is sneaking up on us, many Whyvillians are struggling to find a date for this special occasion. The Whyville prom is much different than anything else we have done here in Whyville. Some most FAQ's(frequently asked questions) that I would like to clear up are the following:

Q- What is the date of the Whyville prom?
A- The Whyville prom will be on May the 27th.

Q- Do I have to have a date to come?
A- No!! Any Whyvillian is welcome to attend the Whyville prom.

Q- What time is it for us?
A- The prom will be at the times:
  5:00 pm Pacific Time
  6:00 pm Mountain Time
  7:00 pm Central Time
  8:00 pm Eastern Time

Q- What is the Whyville prom?
A- The Whyville prom is sort of like a dance but it is going to be more fancy and formal like a prom. We will have a decorated Sportplatz (place the prom will be at. It can be located on your bus or from W. West). You are welcome to come with a date and we will have photographers taking pictures so look your best.

Q- How is there going to be enough room for everyone to fit in the Sportplatz. There are going to be over 300 people there most likely.
A- I honestly don't know. I am guessing that maybe if it's too crowded you may want to go to the pool or Square to socialize.

I interviewed two people just to give you their point of view on the prom.

DanceGurl: Will the two of you be attending Whyville's prom?
AAA54: Yes, I will be.
littlgirl: I also will be. I think it sounds like fun.

DanceGurl: Do you have a date to the prom?
AAA54: No, I don't. I might later though.
littlgirl: I don't either. I don't think it really matters though.

DanceGurl: I don't think you need a date either. What do you think about the idea of having an after prom party?
AAA54: I think that sounds cool.
littlgirl: Yeah. Would it be at the Sportplatz though?

DanceGurl: I don't know. Where do you guys think would be a good place?
AAA54: I think the playground would be good.
littlgirl: I think the pool would be better.

Here are some couples that will be making an appearance at the prom together:

IceyKiss and Wolfman
HappyDap5 and SugarBeet
Sunnyday and Blastoise
Kissme12 and Caleb01
sailorv and sailorm
DanceBabe and Willsealy
April and Bryan2000
luvsboyz and Mad4u
Milkyway and Peeves
TommySSK and B.T.S.540
Insinger and kiki13
floyd and Karra

I hope to see you all at the Whyville prom. Please Y-mail me if you have any questions. Thank you and have a nice day.

Your Whyville Reporter,



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