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Beach Report

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Beach Report

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HEY Hey, it's RJ!

Lately, I have been going to the beach (who hasn't?) and I have made notes on the development of it.

When the beach first came out, EVERYONE was there. Nobody was anywhere to be seen in the SP or the Playground or anywhere else. You were only there if you didn't have 5 clams, but most Whyvillians do.

Then the next day, people were still coming. This went on for a week, but then I checked the map this weekend. The beach had only 2 little people things over it! That means only a few people were there! I was SHOCKED!

So, the next day I went on and Whyville... had... slowed... down... to?? a... crawl. I couldn't do or go anywhere. The beach was completely empty and everything was as slow as molasses.

So I logged on later that day and it was back to normal. But one thing was different. There was a BUS to the beach now. I was very happy! I loved the beach but hated the fact that I had to pay 5 clams to get there!

I went to the beach and had a ball (that reminds me, we should have a Halloween dance, y-mail me if you agree!). The beach is great, I made new friends who like DBZ and met old friends, too.

Now, I think we should all thank the people who make this happen. Please Y-mail me with your comments and I will make them into an article with YOUR name in it! Please do this all so we can thank City Hall, Bigfoot Bill (he is the best City Worker/Times Writer. I read all his articles when I was [still am] a newbie.).

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE y-mail me with your comments for your favorite city worker, personal notes, thank you's and anything else.

Thanks for listening to me blabber about nothing! This is RJ going to search for another (!) story.




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