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Change the Times?

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Change the Times?

Guest Writer

I am responding to Giggler01's article about how the Whyville Times is changing. I absolutely agree with her. The Times is getting WAY too long! Not only that, they are staying there for weeks and weeks. I understand that it is probably because they want to give you time to read all those articles or something, but the Times is losing its quality.

You could have just as good of a paper if you made it only a few articles a week, and you only kept it up for ONE WEEK (not the 3 weeks you keep it up for now). Another thing is that I notice only the same writers over and over again. I may also seem bitter, but I have sent so many articles in and NONE of them have been published. I do believe I did my best on those articles and it puzzles me how these other ones get in the Times. Maybe it is because you just want the same articles over and over again.

Well, I'm going to continue sending in my articles. And maybe one day they will get published again. This is Smurfette, saying farewell, my dear citizens!


Editor's Note: Actually, Smurfette, you've been published a couple times, so I'm not sure what you mean when you say that none of your submissions have been published. In any case, as you'll see below, not everyone agrees exactly how or even if the Times should change!


Guest Writer

Hey, today I am writing about the article Giggler01 wrote about expanding the Times. I agree with her, but at the same time, I disagree. I understand what she is saying and complaining about, but at the same time, the Times Editor makes sense (as always).

First off, I am going to say what I agree with her on. She says that some of the articles don't hold her attention. I definitely agree with that. Some of these articles are just not interesting. The ones that I don't enjoy reading much are the ones that are really long but not entirely on the subject I thought they would be. People will be talking about something important, but before they get to the part we want to read about, they always lose my attention. Sometimes, I don't even finish these articles. If the editor is going to publish many articles, I think he should try and figure out which will hold our attention best. And Times Editor, I hope you didn't take that the wrong way, I fully think you are doing a great job.

Now I get to say what I disagree with her on. Heh heh heh. I do like having the sections for fashion, poetry, etc. It really helps me get more perspectives on topics. Sure, maybe half the people in the section will be for something, and the other half will be against it, but not everyone is for/against it for the same reasons. Really well written articles can actually cause you to change how you think about something.

Well, I'm gonna stop now 'cause I don't want to be like one of those people whose articles you never want to finish.

I'll be back!



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