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Why Do People Close Schools?

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Why Do People Close Schools?

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It's meg959 here, wondering why people close schools. The school that I am currently attending, is under review for a potential close. There is also another school in the other area of town that is under review also.

I am attending the Catholic District school board meeting. It is very disappointing to hear that my school might be closing. If our school closes, we will be split up between three schools, depending where we live. We will also have to be bussed. For me, it's pretty clear; there is a public school right beside my current school that I will be attending if mine closes.

I don't think the school board should close our school! I have a few reasons, too. Number one, our school fits the community -- we only have to bus 40 children and all the others can walk to and from school. Number two, my school is 98% full capacity, not empty! Number three, the schools that the board is planning to send the children to don't have much room for all us kids. Number four, there is construction underway for new houses, with families to attend our school.

My mom is doing a great job keeping our school open. She is on the school board committee. Just a few days ago, we had a rally at our school and 650 people from all different schools came to help keep our school open. Everyone formed a circle around the building with flashlights and candles; we called it a "circle of light". The city's MPP was even there to try to prevent our school from closing. And also our priest came to pray and sing.

Now, as I asked before, why do people close schools? The school board closes schools with few kids attending the school so they can fill up other schools. Why, you ask? Well, that is because it costs money to run a school -- water, electric bills, staff, supplies, etc. But my school is 98% full, why are they closing it? Maybe it's because we have a lot of land?

Why are they closing our school? I and hundreds of other people are asking this question. I can't seem to figure out the answer. I think I've written enough about this issue.

This is meg959, still wondering why... and signing off.



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