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You Don't Know Where That Is?

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You Don't Know Where That Is?

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Wanna know something that really bothers me? Yes, me. What bothers moi, katrock, is people. Yes, people. Not any old people. People that don't know stuff. I know that's a bad way to start off an article, but hey, it's true. Let me tell you something that gets on my avatar-based nerves.

Today I was in Pool Party and I was on my lion-faced name, KOed. I was being my boring self, sitting in my corner (well, not mine, but...) and someone said they were from New York. I'm not naming any names here. Anyway, then someone said that they were from Saskatchewan. I said I was from there, too. The person that said she was from New York said, "Where's that?" Now, that's what bothers me. COME ON PEOPLE! You don't know where that is? Come on, the Whyville Staff went there! >=P

This ticks me off. Heck, Saskatchewan is right above North Dakota and Montana! So I got a question here:

Why don't American kids learn about Canada? In grade 4, we had to learn every little detail about USA. Canada is USA's neighbouring country! Why didn't you learn about us?

Well that's a pretty short article, and I hope it comes in but I'm gonna write the second half sometime later.

A proud and ticked off Canadian,


Editor's Note: It's a sad but known truth that America's educational standards are not as successful as they could be. The good news is, that's why we have Whyville! The folks behind our little cyber town are big proponents (look that one up!) of improving education for kids in the U.S. (and the rest of the world, of course).

I hope our Canadian (and other) brethren choose to take this opportunity to share some of their learning -- where *is* Saskatchewan? And how do you remember how to spell it right??? ;-)



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