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Prom Dates: Do They Make Sense?

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Prom Dates: Do They Make Sense?

by Spockdog
  Guest Reporter

There has been a lot of talk about this Prom coming up and having a date. So i went around whyville asking what they think. This is what i came up with.

What do you think about boyfriends and girlfriends in Whyville?

Lizylue- I think it's stupid. You cannot even see the person.

JennyH- I think it's ok but don't get too serious!

OneHottie- I think it's stupid. Why does it have to be boyfriend and girlfriend. I think you just have to be friends. If you wanna boyfriend or girlfriend then look around in your own town. That's not what whyville is for. Whyville is for meeting some FRIENDS and having some fun.

It seemed like the majority of whom I interviewed thought that boyfriends and girlfriends should not be in Whyville. Then i asked about the big prom coming up.

What do you think about the big Prom coming up and everyone looking for dates?

Helen- I think it will be fun but it should be called a big Party!

JennyH- I think that its ok but it does not matter about bringing a date. You go there to have fun.

OneHottie- I think you should just go for fun. No dates no Prom more like a party.

So the majority said that it should be a party instead of a prom. Then i asked the last question.

What would you like changed or added to whyville?

Helen- I think there should be a theme Park.

JennyH- I think that you should be able to design furniture and projectile along with face parts.

OneHottie- I like whyville like it is but i would like More Games.

Well there it is. I'm sure that a lot of people don't agree but this is just a couple of Whyvillians. Well this ends my interview.

Helen, JennyH, OneHottie, and Lizylue



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