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Money for Clams?

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Money for Clams?

Times Writer

This is Sonner and I just thought of the greatest idea that could help Whyville make more money!

You could exchange money for clams! Yes, yes, it sounds dumb at first, but City Hall can create whatever clams she wants, right? So, maybe 5 bucks American would give you 50,000 clams and 10 bucks 110,000 clams. People always talk about wanting more clams so this could be a possible idea. Just think you could buy all those face parts and never be poor again in your Whyville life!

This could go along with Why Passes and I think it would be a great source of money. I would definitely buy one so I would never go poor again... well, that's if I convince my parents. You could have access to so many face parts -- I always hear people asking for clams to buy face parts and this could be a great idea! Never again would you have to worry about being short on clammage.

City Hall, this is just an idea. If you have any thoughts about it, please comment.



Note from City Hall: We have long pondered how it would change Whyville if we offered clams for cash. Certainly this would help fund Whyville, if our citizens decided to support it. It's reasonable to think that clams for cash could support us entirely! But would it be worth it?

Fact is, the most important aspect of our town is the education -- the science games that everyone plays in order to earn their salaries... and who needs to learn anything if five bucks takes care of all your clam needs for the year???

Also, one of the best parts of Whyville is the fact that everybody comes here equal. It doesn't really matter how rich you are in the real world. If you work hard and figure out the games, design great art, submit the best articles, then you can be a millionaire! You see how that would change if we gave out clams for money.

So, unfortunately, although this idea would help Whyville get more income, in the end we believe it would undermine what our town stands for. Thanks for brainstorming with us, though! Keep making ideas!



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