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Scam at Akbar's

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Scam at Akbar's!

by spazchick
  Times Investigator

There have been scams all over Whyville lately, like the Trading Post Scandal. But now, people have gone as far as to start a scam at Akbars!

Here's the scoop:

I bought some really pretty eyes at Akbars. Then, I was so excited, I put them on immediately. You can imagine my surprise when I got to the square and they had turned green, brown, and just plain ugly!

I figured out how he/she did this. First, they spent their time making their body part just perfect. Then, where you can touch up the different sizes, he/she made the sizes you don't see when you buy them all weird. Did you catch that? Pretty confusing, huh? I interviewed a few people about his too, but the only answer I got was this:

me: Have you heard of any scams at Akbars body parts shop?

amanda- "Well, the barrette in my hair that I made barely shows up. Also, some of the add-on faces are not big enough."

Charity- "That happened to me too!"

Amanda22- "Some of the really cool styles of hair I bought were too small."

Well, bummer! My suggestion is either that Akbar checks all the sizes of EVERYTHING, which would be a lot of work for him. OR, you could just be honest!

Here are some reminders-

1) Make your face part big enough so that it covers your whole face when you preview it.

2) Make your smaller versions clear.

3) Make something that someone would want! Seriously, who wants a green blob or a blue circle?

This is spazchick, your dedicated and scam-finding reporter, signing off.

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