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Worst Days

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Worst Days

by amanda
  Times Columnist

Hi everyone. I wrote this article to see who has had a rotten day before. I got a few stories,but they are remaining nameless. Okay,I'm firing away.

  1. Once I lost my homework, missed the bus, lost my earrings and got in a fight with one of my friends.

  2. One day I got a bad mark on a test, lost a baseball game, tripped in front of a bunch of people and got into trouble with my teacher.

  3. My worst day was when I got in a fight, messed up on an assignment, my locker got stuck, I lost my clothes for gym, and lost my favourite bracelet.

  4. My worst day was when my favourite TV show was not on, I had a bad dream, I lost my basketball, I got sent to my room, I had a fight, and lost my project for school.

  5. One day I tripped in my classroom, forgot my money for lunch, I cut myself, my favourite cereal was all eaten, I couldn't play with my friend, I lost a basketball game, I hit my head, and I fell off my bicycle,and I couldn't find my baseball shoes.

So, as you see, everyone has bad days. Some are worse than others, but they're all bad. I'm not even going to put my worst day down here because by the time I get finished, I'll be 99.

Well anyway,I'll see ya later. This is Amanda signing off.



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