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Santa Claus, Real?

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Santa Claus, Real?

Guest Writer

Santa Claus, that fat old man that slides down your chimney on Christmas Eve and fills your stocking with presents and gifts, or coal if you have been bad in the previous year. Well, the question I am asking is, is that guy real? Santa Claus, all his little elf helpers, the North Pole, Mrs. Claus, and all those magic, flying reindeer, is that true or is it just a thing your parents tell you? That's what I am going to find out.

Listed are a few facts why Santa could be real, or not.


  • Parents wouldn't lie to their kids.
  • My best friend claimed she saw him, and I have to believe my best friend.
  • There are so many movies and stories about Old St. Nick, why wouldn't he be real if all these books and movies came out starring Santa Claus?
  • Parents couldn't afford to buy us Christmas gifts AND give kids those pricy gifts that are supposed to be from Santa!

Not Real:

  • Men dress up in red suits and hats and claim to be Santa Claus; you can usually see a fake Santa at a mall
  • A boy in my class said his parents admitted they were the ones giving him gifts on Christmas Eve
  • "He sees you when your sleeping, he knows when you're awake" -- sounds like PARENTS!

Second of all, I asked my fellow citizens of Whyville if they believed in Santa Claus. I also questioned they're name so I could have a different answers from different aged citizens.

meg959: Do you believe in Santa Claus, and how old are you?

Punkster14: No, I figured it out, and I'm 14.

Mental: No, and I'm 13.

DuDeGuY13: No, and I'm 15.

slipray: Thirteen, and yes, I do.

I have no idea if Santa Claus is real or not, so Times Editor, I need your help. Please answer my question and end the major mystery: is Santa Claus real, or just a myth to trick us kids? Thanks for your help, Times Editor.

Merry Christmas,


Editor's Note: To begin as a wise man once did... Meg959, most of your little friends are wrong. They have been affected by the skepticism of a skeptical age. They do not believe except what they see with their own eyes -- or what their friends tell them they see.

It is the great tragedy of our time that so many of now insist on empirical proof that such and such a thing is so, before we let ourselves believe. Faith works not that way, nor many of the greatest acts of beauty. Though we be citizens of Whyville, where we must indeed ask why, is it necessary that we find our answers, concrete and wearing a furry red coat complete with white trim, standing amidst the crumpled wrapping paper and discarded bows, himself a consequence of the Christmas morn? Or can our answers be found elsewhere?

Yes, meg959, there is a Santa Claus. He lives as surely as love, devotion, friendship and nobility -- and you know these things exist, to give your life the highest highs, the deepest sense of beauty and joy.

Know that Santa Claus exists. Hold that knowledge, the questions you ask of it and the answers you receive, inside of you like a balanced cup, and take care that it only spills when you fill the hearts of those around you with the same knowledge and care. And if you ever need a greater support than these words have given you, please go read the words of a wiser editor than I, whose reply to a little girl in 1897 still rings with the highest truth:




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