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The biggest announcement of the week has got to be the opening of the new Whyville Store -- head on over to your bus menu or to Bigfoot Bill's entertaining article about the subject to learn more! Suffice to say, this stuff is flying off the shelves -- and that's just us, buying it for ourselves! :-)

In other news, Whyville will once again host its ever-popular Halloween Costume Party at the mysterious Hauntington House, this coming October 30th (the Wednesday before Halloween). The House will remain open through the week, but the costume contest will be held only on Wednesday, so boo there or boo square!

To enter the House, you'll need to figure out the new password. If I were you, I'd keep my ears peeled in the next week!

And finally, some news that pertains to the Whyville Times. There's a new bulletin board system (BBS) about to make its debut in our town -- right here in the Times! Starting this week, you'll be able to discuss your favorite (and the most controversial) articles in a self-contained BBS for each piece.

Remember, all the usual rules of good citizenship still apply here. I ask that the writers of each piece take care of the discussion -- don't let anybody get into a flame war, and don't try to 911 report somebody just because they disagree with you. Healthy debates, gratuitous praise, and only occasional off-topic threads... that's what makes for a healthy BBS, and a healthy community!

That is all for this week. Stay tuned in with the Times!
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