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Pick Your Change?

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Pick Your Change?

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Now I'm not sure exactly what the reasoning was behind the change to the Pick Your Nose window, but I have to tell you, it was not a very good idea. Many parts have names that have nothing to do with what the part actually is, not to mention the fact that it's hard to remember what the part your looking for is really called!

Now, I might be the only one writing to you about this, but I'm sure if you went into any room you will find many people that agree with me. I was wondering if you could take into consideration the opinions of many people in Whyville, and change it back to the way it was. I have loved every other change you have made -- the whymail system, the opinion polls and so on.

I know you will probably tell me that I should put a poll up to get people to vote and sign and so on, but not only has that already been done, but the majority of people out there don't check the polls or petitions. So it is very difficult to catch public opinion on something. I would like to request that a couple of city workers drift into a room sometime and check out what people think of the changes they have made. And I think that the Pick Your Nose change will be the only one that people will have a legitimate claim to be upset about. It just makes things more confusing.



Editor's Note: City Hall tells me that this change was made in order to drastically improve the speed of the Pick Your Nose tool in specific, and Whyville in general. Every time your computer has to load a face part, it has to query the Whyville servers -- and getting an image is *much* more memory intensive than getting a name.

She tells me that they've received many concerned emails from citizens, but from her tone I would guess that this is not a change that's going to revert to what it was originally, not any time soon. She said they'll consider it, but the fact is, it's pretty expensive to ship hundreds of face parts to everybody all the time like we've been doing.

Not all news is good news, I guess. At least this isn't all bad news -- a faster Whyville is always good to hear about. :-)



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