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Hey, it's me again! LoL, anyway, this is an article that will touch the hearts of every person who reads it, so please read on.

I know you all know that not everyone is as rich as you are. That's where this starts.

My mom is becoming a teacher. She still has 2 years of college left, but what they have her do now is go to day-cares and stuff, just in case she decides to teach younger kids. A few days ago she went to a children's day care in Pennsylvania. She was there with all three year olds.

They said that 90% of the children there are poor. None of them had new shoes, but one kid stood out from the others. He had holes in his sock and his shoes. My mom felt so bad for him. Payless Shoe Stores(tm) was right across the street from where the daycare was. She only had 15 dollars on her hands at the time, so she went over to Payless to find shoes for him. (How did she know what size? She traced his foot.)

She found the perfect shoes, ones that the kid was so proud of! The problem, though: they were 20 bucks! (*a tear rolls down her cheek*)

One of the workers happened to notice my mom was crying. She asked what was the matter. My mom tells her the whole story. The cashier used her discount so that my mom could get the shoes for him, and even threw in a pair of socks!

Isn't that so wonderful? It's so great to know people who would use their discount for others. It makes you feel so good to know you're doing something good for someone else. I hope this article touched your heart as it did mine. This is heartland, signing out.

See ya,



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