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Finding Sasketchewan in my Y-mail

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Finding Sasketchewan in my Y-mail

Guest Writer

Hi all. Sort of. Ok, never mind what I just said.

When I wrote the article about people not knowing where Saskatchewan is, all I meant was that... well, never mind about that, too. Don't wanna start a fight. The reason I am writing this article is that I'm getting hundreds of thousands of comments that people think that I hate Americans. The truth is, I don't!

I've been sort of a 'bag', as some of you may call it, but what do you expect from a 10 year old kid that's the second youngest in her class, her cat ran away two days ago and was gone for over 12 hours, has too many e-mails and that people think she's a bag?!?!?

Ok, well, I guess I'll see you all around, maybe. I just wanted to make a point, but don't worry about it.



Times Writer

No no no not me! Me me me. He he. Rock at 6 am. Life's great. You know you feel it. Common scream it with me! (Mental note to self: Sugar in the morning does funny things to your body (and your mind!). Find out where the boss stashes her candy. He he he. *shifty eyes*).

Okay, so you probably don't wanna listen to me babble on, but I have a point! (I promise, I promise!) Okay, so let's get started. (That's what you want, right?) (Do you think I put too many of these little side not things in my articles? Like afterthought things? Okay, I realise I'm getting off track again! But I swear this is going somewhere!)

Katrock recently wrote an article for the Times (well, technically I don't know it was written recently, but it was published recently.) There was a response to her article by Bflover and I kind of agree with both of these guys.

First off, I'm from Saskatchewan (Sam and Sally Kissed at church every Wednesday Afternoon -- that's how I learned to spell Saskatchewan in fourth grade). Not many people know where Saskatchewan is. It's a prairie province in Canada, and it has its fair share of problems, I'll admit it right now.

Katrock said a couple of things that got to me. When I was in grade 4, I didn't learn about the United States. In Social Studies (or Science Humanities) we learned about the Native Americans of North America. And we learned about Ancient Egypt. And we did a whole bunch of stuff with Canadian land. Does that mean my education system is failing me? I hope not.

I haven't learned about the USA, but I've learned about all the countries of the Pacific Ocean and of South America. I can tell the names of most of the states in the US, and I can tell you Texas is to the south. It's my belief that a book about land area and capitals can't tell you as much as the people of a city can.

Sometimes you can't control what you are taught and what you are not. In some countries school isn't free, and therefore students don't always get to attend. Does that make them less intelligent? Think about it!

Okay, so my rock music has come to an end, so I'm off to sell doughnuts. Ha ha ha ha. Mmm... forbidden doughnut!



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