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Acid Rain

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Acid Rain

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Hey! It's me, QUISP!

I was just reading Giggler01's 2nd article on rain, acid rain, and stuff like that! She's very right when she says that the pollution in the air can mix with the rain and cause acidic rain that can peel paint off of cars, houses, and kill plants and animals and seriously hurt our fresh-water supply...

It's also true that we ARE taking measures to eliminate pollutants. Unfortunately, they're kinda pathetic measures. The biggest one EVER is the Kyoto Protocol, which Canada has promised to ratify, along with the European Union and a number of other countries. Unfortunately, the U.S. (the largest producer of these pollutants in the WORLD) has chosen not to accept it, which poses major problems! Problems for everyone, since greenhouse gases take hundreds of years to leave our atmosphere.

But the truth is, we all don't have very many laws to cut-down on pollutants, just simple little ones. Sure, it's easier and cheaper than burning coal to heat your house in the winter, but it's not enough. The truth is, third world countries make very LITTLE pollution compared to that of North America, Europe and the other major countries...

Seeing as how I can go on and on on this topic, I'll choose to stop now, LoL. Oh oh oh, I hope it snows soon. =) No acid snow for me... or wait... IS there acid snow?

Hehe, Bye!




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