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Eat My Shorts

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Eat My Shorts

Guest Writer

Hi City Hall, hi Editor!

USAGRLROX has a fabulous name to add to the menu selection being served up for the new eatery: "Eat My Shorts" And you should offer "short-rations" -- small quantity, high nutrition foods packed with energy! (For me, I'll have iced coffee and a short stack of pancakes, please!)

This is a great way to teach good eating habits! Ya know, there is no such thing as a free lunch, so the prices might be better when foods are properly combined for protein -- like selecting a bean and rice dish -- and whatever you do during construction, don't forget the 'Tongue-Teasers' (USAGRLROX's second choice for a name) like fruit smoothies! -- nutritious ways to get some food value while satisfying your sweet tooth. USAGRLROX does have a sweet tooth, like every normal human being on the planet! And she is looking forward to having fun with her food in Whyville.

Having a calorie counter might be a fun thing too, to see if the good citizens can learn to manage a calorie budget and still get in those goodies! (Sounds suspiciously like math, but people have proven they will do just about anything to earn green stamps and clams. By the way, will bivalves be served? I seem to remember something about not biting the hand that feeds you. Hmm.)

Well, I need to go eat MY shorts -- the microwave just dinged and I can't wait to see what UASGRLROX has selected for my dinner. Have a great day! We'll be checking the News to see if there are updates on how the construction crew is doing. Maybe we will have something to be extra 'thankful' for this year. Keep up the good work! Whyville is a great city.


Editor's Note: Those are some great ideas, USAGRLROX! Unfortunately, I'm pretty certain that The Simpsons probably owns the rights to the phrase "Eat My Shorts"... if you've seen re-runs of the show, you know Bart used to say that all the time. Goes to show you how old I am -- I remember the first time The Simpsons was on TV! ;-)



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