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The Mystery Building

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The Mystery Building

Times Writer

Hey y'all! My house smells horrible! Why does paint smell so bad? It's giving me headaches, so basically the only place to hang out is in the basement. While in the basement I just happened to wander over to my computer and read the Times (funny how these things work, isn't it?).

In the Images Section of the October 3rd, 2002 edition of the Times, there was picture of the Mystery Building in Whyville Square. I'd noticed this building before, but I'd never actually realized it didn't serve a purpose. So I decided I had to learn more about this Mystery Building.

In the Photo Gallery, there are some really old photos from when Whyville had just begun. Although the Square looks SO different nowadays, the mystery building is there, hiding partially behind the spin lab as usual. In the winter of 2001-2002, the Holiday Forest sprung to life and the mystery building disappeared. It returned, however in the spring.

Upon further investigation, I have discovered that if you stand outside of the Spin Lab, you cannot see this office building. (Well, at least, that is what it appears to be from the outside.) In fact, there are two other sky-scraperish type buildings behind the spin lab, which have no apparent use.

So, seeing that there is more then one unused building in Whyville, I decided it was time to see if there were any others. Are you ready for this? I found 7 more unused buildings in Whyville! (One in Whyville West, four in the WASA area and two in Sector Y. See nebjm's article this week to find out which ones he's explored.) So that's 10 buildings in total. Where are they coming from, and why is there an empty pit in Sector Y?

Here are my theories for possible explanations. Whyville is a community (well it was originally, it is growing now.) Maybe it is actually a suburb of a larger city, or just a part of a city. Or maybe those buildings have been there longer then anyone can remember, like Stonehenge. If it were like Stonehenge, no one would know who built them, or why they were built.

Should we give these buildings a purpose? I mean, they look like boring normal buildings. They aren't crooked or shaped like a top. They're just normal. Maybe they should be office buildings. Maybe the one in Whyville Square should contain the up-and-coming Nutrition game (does anyone like the name "The Why Wok", while we're at it?). I mean, then you could put the different things on the different stories. Bigfoot has already said there will be a nutrionist, so they could have one floor and perhaps the restaurant on another story. You get the idea, right? (And the Center for Disease Control doesn't have a building yet, does it? There's another suggestion. Editor's Note: The Whyville CDC is located on an upper floor in City Hall, right now.)

Finally, I decided to ask a few citizens about Whyville's growing number of abandoned buildings. I sat in the square for a while and pointed the building out to people who passed through, and then asked them what they thought it was used for.

Flour: Administration

xSweetx: It's the, um... the W.A.S.A. building.

Shortkid6: I think it's a hotel.

Hottie981: I know! I wonder that, too!

Woggles: Um... I don't know.

Well anywho, I'm to hit the books. Why do teachers give homework? It's such a pain. This is Giggler01, leaving you all to wonder at the wonderful abandoned buildings of Whyville!



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