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More Mystery Buildings

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More Mystery Buildings

Times Photographer

Hey folks! Nebjm here.... I recently saw a picture in the Images Section of the Times, submitted by an unknown author -- it was a picture of Whyville Square, with a caption by the Editor reading: "I believe this image was originally accompanied by an article questioning the purpose of the building in the red circle. Is it new? Old? Does it have a use???" So I thought, "That sounds pretty interesting!" and did some investigating.

Here are some "mystery buildings" I found myself:

Is this dark building a ghost house? The Times building? Interesting... on to the next!

What are the two buildings in scaffolding?? And in the window of Akbar??s Face Factory it shows a reflection of the Airfield... shouldn't there be a reflection of the ditch across the road? Or the "Akbar's is OPEN" sign in front of the door? Hmm... on to the Airfield!

Is this building a hangar for the Warp Wagon? We may never know....

There are many other mystery buildings in Whyville... go look for some yourself! You can also read more about these buildings in Giggler01's article in this week's paper.

Hopefully the Times Editor will answer some of my questions... this is nebjm, not signing off...


Editor's Note: I'm sorry, nebjm, but I don't really have any answers! In my research, I can't find any clues as to what these buildings are or what they are planned to become... maybe we'll find out someday!



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