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Akbar Design Report

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Akbar Design Report
An Up-date on Partnering with Akbar

by Vanilla
Times Reporter

Most of the citizens have been to Akbar's Face Factory, a place where you can make your own face parts and sell them. Many of you have read my article on the Face Factory, and this is a follow-up of how things have been going.

Like many of us have predicted, the Face Factory has been a big hit. Hundreds of people have been to the Face Factory to try their luck at making a successful face part. I, for one, have truly enjoyed this opportunity as I have made eyes, lips, and jewels. However, this is NOT an easy task, as many of us have found out! Precision is something that we can not always accomplish when making parts at the Face Factory because of the small tools and using just a mouse. Although this may have been a challenging feat for a lot of Whyvillians, for some, it is a different story.

There have been a few items every now and then that catch our eye and immediately sell out. Among the favorites were the "rare rainforest orchid" and the "My Favorite Add-On Face" and the Bodies. All of these items have been a smash hit. Some, however, have not faired so well and have hit rock bottom. Items like freckles and barrettes have not had the same impression as those as the flowers and eyes.

As you might have noticed, a new feature was added to the Face Factory. When you go there, automatically a screen will come up with all of your previous face parts and it will ask if you want to manufacture anymore of these. This is a very special item to those of you who have parts that are sold out but are in high demand. Another thing added is the SOLD OUT department of the store. This section shows all of the items in Akbars that are sold out and are no longer on the market. But, you can bring these items back when you order more.

Like I am known for doing, I asked the Whyvillians the same question: "What do you think of Akbar's Face Factory?"

hockEdude: "Totally awesome! But, I still think we need virtual pets!"

Pearberry: "It is so cool! I love making all different kinds of stuff!"

Goddess: "Great!"

PoisonIvy: "It is really cool. Now I can have red hair finally!"

Eighteen: "Even though I haven't made anything, I still think that it is really neat to be able to create your own face part. I really like the bodies."

Well, you've heard it from the people of Whyville; the Face Factory is a keeper. I hope that all of you continue making all the great stuff you are, and have fun!




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