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Whyville's Halloween History

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Whyville's Halloween History

Times Writer

Where oh, where can my little sister be? Oh where, oh where can she be? She's gone missing again! She'll turn up someday. No biggie for the moment. The biggie for the moment is learning about Whyville's Halloween History! Doesn't that just sound supercalifragilisticexbeealidocious? I thought so.

The first Halloween in Whyville was in the year 1999. City Hall threw a party for all of her citizens at Dr. Leila's, which became a haunted house (known also as the Hauntington House). To get in, you had to eat the magical candy placed near Leila's front door. The house featured a dining room, lots and lots of stairs, a hallway and a darkroom. There were also Halloween projectiles hidden around the Haunted House.

The next year, the magical candy wasn't nearly so easy to find. There was a limited number of pieces, and to get one you had to follow these mysterious clues. Some of them make no sense anymore, because so much has changed in Whyville since then! Once you had your candy, you could get into the Hauntington House, where you'd discover that there was a new space added to the House -- you could now taste witch's brew and find your head transform into a ghost of its former self in the graveyard!

There was a costume contest on this night, also! The winner of 100 clams and a crown, in 1st place, was Monday. Site won 100 clams and a medium sized crown with second place, and 11 placed third, winning 100 clams and the smallest crown.

Sadly, I didn't get to attend the first or the second Halloween party. *sighs* But, never fear, thanks to SpazChick and her wonderful writings, I can bring you this history lesson!

Last year the Halloween party was similar to what had come before. There was no magic candy involved, however! This time, there was a password, which was given to a few randomly selected people by City Workers, who were then told to pass it around. Those of us who didn't know it by the time Halloween rolled around could get in by standing around and watching people type the password outside Dr. Leila's. Well, at least, that's what I did.

Upon first entering the house I was greeted by two guys having a projectile fight with pumpkins. Now folks, these aren't you average wimpy projectiles. No, these babies make a mess (which might be why I've still got some from last year that I'm saving...). Have you ever thrown an eyeball at someone? Or a pumpkin? Messy business.

A change in the graveyard now left us with green faces -- I heard from the Times Editor that saving the "ghosts" of all our faces is really hard on Whyville's computers. That's too bad, I would have liked to have seen that!

One of the things I remember most about last year's Halloween Party was the costume party. And I don't remember it in good way, let me tell you that. There was a lot of controversy surrounding it. Many citizens felt that it became a popularity contest, not a costume contest. Some citizens expressed their views in the Times, and you can read about them in the archives by searching up "Halloween". There were still winners announced, however. They were Googles, tight and DollyGirl. They each won a 30-day Why-Pass.

This year I hope there will be a haunted house (I've heard there'll be one, and I know nebjm is excited about it... or at least that's what he's been saying). There will most likely be a costume contest. My suggestions are to buy your costume parts early and come up with something original! Even if you don't win, it's fun just dressing up! Let's make this the most memorable Halloween in Whyville ever!

This is your haunted history reporter, Giggler01 going costume shopping!



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