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Trick or Treating

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Trick or Treating

Guest Writer

Hey! Wildfire9 here! I saw meg959's article on Halloween, and I thought, 'Boy, I wanna write one!' So here goes!

Some great great Trick-Or-Treating tips...

Go in a group. NEVER go Trick-Or-Treating ALONE! Nowadays, you don't know what wackos are out there, LoL!

If you go in a group, try going in a group costume. For instance, everyone can pick a character from the Wizard Of Oz. That sounds like a fun idea, eh?

NEVER eat loose candy from somebody else! Example: candy corn. I know it's a Halloween candy, and if it comes in a packet it's ok. With loose candy, also, I don't mean you can't eat Hershey Kisses. They are all individually wrapped. Understand? Good!

Only go to houses that you know. You don't know them if you drive by them every day. I mean (I know you aren't first graders, well, most of you, at least) make sure you know who lives there because, like I said, there are wackos out there! LoL!

Ok! Let's review! Should you....

Go Trick-Or-Treating alone, Go to a house that you don't know, AND opened candy?!

I HOPE YOU DON'T! LoL! If you do, this article was a waste! Just Kidding!

Have a SPOOKTACULAR (Boy, do I love that word! LoL) Halloween!

By the way, I joined shortly after Halloween last year. I've heard stories and seen pictures of something called Hauntington Hall or House or something. Are you doing that again this year? What about a Masquerade Ball?

Thanks a Bunch!

Wildfire9 =)



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