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How to Trick-or-Treat on Whyville

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How to Trick-or-Treat on Whyville

Guest Writer

Many people go Whyville trick-or-treating! I joined not too long ago, and I wanted to know how you trick-or-treat in Whyville. What I thought was that you buy a costume from Akbar's, put it on, and just go around Sun Roof and everything, saying, "Trick-or-treat!"

I've gone around searching for some ideas on how to trick-or-treat on Whyville. Some people said that you don't trick-or-treat on Whyville! I guess by that you just wear a costume. Some said that you just go to New Town and say trick-or-treat in the houses. Others said that they really didn't think of Trick-or-treating on Whyville!

Once in Sun Roof I saw all these people trying on their costumes... a lot of the people had the same costume! I saw a girl (poopcorn) with a pumpkin sweater, and a witch hat on! I also saw a girl (tooqules) dressed up in a cow costume!

I just went to try on my costume -- I had a witch hat like poopcorn's and a witch's cloak. The body on that thing was kind of wide, I thought, making me look overweight, I think.

I think that we should have a holiday amusement park where we can like trick-or-treat and everything where we can actually get candy and trick-or-treat with friends! I think that Whyville should also get the face factory working, and make it so that our face parts are accepted right when we create them. What takes so long?

For now, I've stuck with just putting on a costume, and acting normal. Other people might want to stick with what they think or pick one of these ideas. This is ponyfreak, signing off today!

Love'ya Whyville!



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