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Halloween Ever Closer

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Halloween Ever Closer

Guest Writer

Hey, Whyvillians!

Halloween is coming ever closer as you can see! I know I'm excited, in Whyville and real life! I am passing out candy this year, but that's okay because when no one is at the door I'll come on Whyville!

I'm hoping to get a month Why-pass soon. That way I can't NOT get on! LoL

And you know how when you go trick-or-treating you want to eat all of your candy the night you get it. Well, for Whyville, you may be pimple face if you do that! LoL. Yup, I'm talking about the nutrition game that should be here any time now. I'm very excited to see that getting started and all of the features it will have. Very educational, City Hall. Love your ideas! Keep them coming! =)

So, when you go trick-or-treating, don't eat TOO much candy, you don't want to get sick. And that's goes for Whyville, too! =) Have fun and dress up! Everyone has amazing creativity, let's see it this year better than all of the rest! See you all on Halloween and before that too!

Also, since Halloween is right around the corner, I went to the archives section and typed in "Halloween". You know how we vote for best costume? There was controversy even way back when! Maybe this year we could have a new way of voting. Like limited votes or something. And only one time can you vote per person. And you could all be within a few rooms and have it be timed, like only a certain time each night, or only a certain time the night before Halloween.

I just want it to be more fair than our proms or past Halloweens have seemed to be. At least limited votes would be nice. Just an idea, to be fair for all of the very interesting costumes. Hope you will at least consider this idea! And I hope my fellow Whyvillians agree with me also!

Time to go costume hunting...




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