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Ideas That May Become Real!

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Ideas That May Become Real!

by SugarBeet
Guest Columnist

Hi all you Whyvillians out there! This is SugarBeet and I am here to give you the update on what the people of Whyville would like to see here in the future. I cought up with some of your fellow Whyvillians and here is what they had to say about the topic:

First I cought up with a good friend of mine, Karra. Here is what she said:

SugarBeet: What do you think Whyville needs to be more fun?
Karra: I think we should have a mall and pets.
SugarBeet: What type of stores do you think should be in the mall?
Karra: Mostly toy stores, places to buy clothes, and another place to buy face parts and make them.
SugarBeet: What types of animals would you like to see in the pet store?
Karra: The normal animals in real petstores. Maybe we could have a suggestion box for other people's ideas on what they want in the store.

Next I talked to Helen:

SugarBeet: What are things you think would make Whyville more fun?
Helen: I think there should be a theme park with rides and games where you can earn more clams and meet people.
SugarBeet: Do you like the idea of having a mall and a pet store?
Helen: Oh yeah! I think the petstore should have lots of pets of different kinds. The mall should be really big!

I ran into rmygcarth in Whyville square and this is what he had to say:

SugarBeet: What are new things you would like to see in Whyville?
rmygcarth: I would like a burger stand and a casino.
SugarBeet: What about having pets?
rmygcarth: Yeah, I guess that would be good.

Spockdog had some input to this:

SugarBeet: What are some new things you would like to see in Whyville?
Spockdog: Well, I would like to have pets that you buy from a pet store.
SugarBeet: What about designing furniture.
Spockdog: Yeah, that is a great idea. I love it.

The last person I talked to, QTPie7, had a lot to say:

SugarBeet: What do you want to have in Whyville that would make it more fun?
QTPie7: Well, Whyville is already fun, but i would like to have better houses with a kitchen, living room, bathroom, and bedrooms. We should be able to get married and have families. We also need jobs to get more clams each day. We should also be able to go shopping like at a food store. We should also be able to design furniture.
SugarBeet: Do you like the idea of a mall and a petstore?
QTPie7: Yeah. The mall should have stores like Limited Too, Gap, and Express. It should be like the real live malls.

This is just what some people said. I am sure there are many other good ideas that you other Whyvillians have. I would love to hear them and I am sure that City Hall would love to hear them too. You could write to City Hall with your suggestions or you could write to me and I will send them to City Hall.

The suggestions that most people suggested is the pet store and the mall. We would all like to have these things happen and the others but I need your help. I will talk to City Hall and anyone else I need to so these things will be a new part of Whyville. I need you to do the same thing by talking to City Hall and others to make this come true. Whyville will be an even better place!



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