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Who Am I Now?

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Who Am I Now?

Whyville Poet
Hi Whyville,

I've never really been into poems and I've never submitted one in the Times but now I've gotten into them and one was actually read in Hollywood at a huge poem reading. Mine was chosen out of tens of thousands. So now I'm really into poems and a girl in my class read this one and said it was really good so I'm going to submit it to you, Whyville! Hope you enjoy it.

Who am I now?
I am a girl,
But I don't always act like one.

I am a person who likes sports,
But I'm not always up for the challenge.

I am someone who likes to write,
But I don't always have a topic in mind.

I am someone who likes to read,
But gets bored with it sometimes.

I am a person who loves God dearly,
But sometimes I don't follow Him.

I am a girl, who wears glasses,
But I don't like to wear them all of the time.

I am a person with friends all over the world,
But I don't always keep in touch with them.

I am a girl, who loves stuffed animals,
But I don't always take care of them.

I am someone who loves scary movies,
But sometimes I wish I wasn't watching it.

I am me,
But sometimes I'm not so sure....
Who am I now?


Well, hope you liked my poem, Whyvillians! I'll be sending more in (when I have the time, since I have SOOO much homework!). Good day, Whyville!



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