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Citizens Speak Out

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Citizens Speak Out

by sixrock
  Concerned Citizen

The Clam-Needing

For a while, ever since you were able to clam someone, maybe, there are people who constantly go around asking for clams. And, if you say no, they beg and beg until they get what they want. Then, they go asking for more.

I believe this is quite annoying, and for the people who have lots of designer labels and an expensive face, you should know what I mean. I think something should be done about this, people should get more clams, or the prices lowered.

Like I see in the Designer Labels section, there should be A Whyville Credit, or a Whyville bank account.

That about wraps it up,
Bye all!


  Concerned Citizen

Tips for Newbies

What I'm going to talk about is the chats. All the people in Whyville are very nice. I just got in not to long ago and no1 ever talked to me but so people are starting to talk to me now. And I have some tips for newbies so they won't get left out.

1: always say hi to someone when you start to talk and someone say hi back.

2: when someone starts to talk to you talk back to them.

and that is all I have to say.


  Concerned Citizen

Welcome the Newbies

Dear citizens many of you have noticed since this whispering ban has gone on no one will talk to the newbies.

Many of you are mad about that.

Well just remember when you were a newbie. Were you cool? No! Everyone has been new. So let's welcome our newbies with a great big 'HI'.




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