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What Is The Whyville Way?

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What Is The Whyville Way?

Times Writer

Our entire world can be somewhat viewed as a bad example, if you take the time to think about the variety of things you witness on the news. How many times do you see something "praiseworthy"? Everyone wants to know the latest gossip, which does not include pieces of information on one individual helping another. Surely, on occasion, you will detect something of a more positive nature, but the bad outbids the good now a day.

What message is given to you, from the politicians you follow in History class to the stars on the television? It seems as if power, wealth, money, and authority are the only ways that we can be successful our wold today. Are we learning anything? When you turn on the television or decide to watch a movie, chances are it might be on a topic such as violence, war, or fictional romance. Are you actually learning anything when you watch? Alternatively, when the program itself is finished, do you take the time to cogitate on what you have learned? There are definitely good programs and stations that concentrate on programs that educate, but do we take the time to watch them ourselves?

What about the Internet? Besides Whyville, is there any other site that focuses on educating and getting children and teenagers involved with enrichment activities?

A while ago, I made my way through Whyville to get opinions from different citizens about the true "Whyville way". We have been hearing about this quite frequently, especially in the Times. However, what does this mean? I interrogated some citizens and they seemed overwhelmed by the question. Some exclaimed that it meant "helping out newbies whenever possible" or "not cheating on the games that help raise your salary" and those are ace answers. Is there a specific answer to this question, or are there no right or wrong responses?

In a recent article, I was shocked by how sincere and dedicated to its citizens that "Whyville" (meaning those people behind the site) are. An idea was developed on how Whyville could increase its income by accepting real money for extra clammage. Normally, a person will leap towards the chance of making more money, especially if you were having financial difficulties like those that Whyville has experienced. What did City Hall have to say? Well, she felt that by providing clams to those who had the money for it, they would be taking away from the Whyville experience. There would be no need to play the games and learn. Whyville is a site where everyone is equal, and if they offered clams for cash, those who did not have the extra money might feel isolated from the rest.

When you hear that, are you proud? Or are you disappointed because this means no additional clams and perhaps you will have to work, scrimp, and save? When I heard that, I definitely felt virtuous to be a part of a site that actually cares about the well being of each and every one of us. How many times we are exposed to this? An opportunity to enrich their lives was turned down so that others could feel comfortable and accepted. Money was replaced with wanting people to learn, explore, and to ask questions. To actually experience life rather than having everything handed to you.

When was the last time you heard a business turn down money?

We could never replace those workers, because they are genuinely good-hearted and don't look at Whyville as a purely "money-making" opportunity. When the idea of Whyville was first created, none of them thought of it as a chance to become wealthy. Instead, they thought of it as an experience to learn, grown, and educate other people in a manner that would have some impact on them. It has successfully continued to be run by this procedure... if it were to start with another method, would that be the Whyville way?

Citizens are creative, and the workers are responsive. Ideas are taken literally and voices are heard. Stories are told, opinions are expressed, and talent is manifested. People learn with the educational games, become more informed with their community by articles, and learn the standards towards what is appropriate and inappropriate behavior. An excellent stepping-stone towards the future.

So what does the "Whyville Way" mean to you?

Think about it,



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