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Good News

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Good News

Times Writer

If you would have spoken to me several months ago, you might have seen that I had a different perspective on aspects regarding Whyville. It seemed as if the rate of kindness and appreciation of the majority of citizens had reached an ultimate low. People seemed so engrossed into their own personal lives, dating scenarios, faces, and clams earnings to pass a kind word to another individual. Carelessness, greed, anger, and rivalry were all emotions that created corrupt vibes across out town. Now, as time progresses, my mood suddenly changes and I am given a new light on things. Just as a caterpillar emerges into a beautiful butterfly, the kindness slowly comes out of hibernation.

So what does Whyville have to be proud of?

If you look at the recent events, surely you will think of something that has touched your heart. Something that perhaps one Whyvillian did that made you reflect upon the greater good. I do not believe that there has been a time where Whyville has been given more support from its citizens. Think about the number of people who purchased a Why-Pass in hopes to support their community at the time when the concept of a new beach hangout was introduced. What about those who, in their spare time, search for sponsorship opportunities? In the Whyville Times recently, one citizen created a pledge that she wanted signatures for. She was hoping to send it out to large companies and corporations in prospect that some sponsorship opportunities would resurrect out of it. Another citizen wrote to the Oprah Winfrey show to get the attention of a famous role model of today's society.

Think about those writers who you come across each week, who spend so much time and effort in drafting an article for Whyville's newspaper. What about the readers? They take time out of their daily schedule to become more informed on the current events inside and outside of Whyville. After I have written an article, I sometimes receive comments from other citizens. Most of them thank me for my input, and I cannot express how motivated I feel to know that they respect my opinions and read the articles that I have written. The articles reflecting the tragic events of September 11 showed that citizens care about their community around them.

Have you ever been in a chat-room and notice a new citizen begging for clams? Of course, there will always be those individuals who soar to the other end of the room trying to escape the brutality that newbies oppress upon them. Someone asking for clams can be such a shock to your system. *sigh* Nevertheless, have you witnessed that one kind citizen who will donate what they can to benefit someone else? Better still, have you been the person at the other end of the spectrum, receiving gifts from a kind stranger? Does it not feel commendable to know that someone will go out of their way to help you while receiving a social shun from others?

If you take a browse through Akbar's Face Mall, you will surely see that talent is something that many citizens have. You may think of several famous designers Whyville has had throughout the years. Alternatively, perhaps you have one or two of your favourites. Nevertheless, they share their talents and create new fashion friends for all to enjoy. Feel noble that there are extremely artistic people right here in our quaint town.

There are some that take every change they get to thank those around them, especially to the workers of Whyville. I came across over four articles in the Times' archives that were devoted to showing their appreciation to this amazing, popular, and extraordinary website. They were nice to read.

Perhaps this article has given you a different outlook on people of Whyville. For I know that the past events have sheltered the bad in my eye. Whyville is full of good, and finding it is based upon your perspective of things. Look past the "are you single" or "you look ugly, get away" that you see every single day. Changing your attitude sure helps, speaking solely from my own experience. Enjoy the rest of this week's edition of the Times. I will catch up with you later, so enjoy yourself.

Best of luck this week,



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