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Whyville, Meet Japan

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Whyville, Meet Japan

Times Writer

Whyville is home to people all across the globe, from such places as Canada and the United States, to England, Australia, New Zealand and more. Now it seems as if Japan has been added to the list of countries that explores, investigates and learns with Whyville and its citizens.

Do you remember when the LA Times included an article about Whyville in a summer edition? It stirred up much commotion about the town because it brought more attention and media to our community. However, did you know that the news spread to countries as far away as Japan?

Recently, I had the privilege to speak with a reporter from the Shukan ST, which is known as a "sister" publication of the Japan Times. This newspaper is mostly geared to educating those citizens in Japan who are learning and studying English. This reporter wanted to speak with citizens of Whyville to receive a greater understanding of what a typical Whyville villager's day is like. What activities do they enjoy the most and what have they learned from their experiences on Whyville?

When I talked to the reporter myself, I asked her several questions. One was, what aspects of Whyville did she discover were most unexpected? She explained that she did not imagine that Whyville would be the size that it is, and include thousands of people from across the entire world. She was also surprised at the number of citizens taking part in the various activities (both leisure and science-related).

So, have you spoken to a citizen from Japan yet? If so, remember to be generous and friendly. We want to establish an exemplary first-impression and show to the world that Whyville is an exceptional place to learn, explore, and meet new people.

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