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Reuse and Recycle the Whyville Times

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Reuse and Recycle the Whyville Times

Times Writer

I am getting ready for dinner. Tonight's menu: hamburgers. The good old-fashioned summer meal.

Anyway, when I am finished with this week's edition of the Times, I always browse through the Archives section. As children, we are taught to reduce, reuse, and recycle as much as possible. Well, I am going to do my part and reduce, reuse, and recycle the Whyville Times (actually reuse and recycle... because with this article I will be making the Whyville Times larger!). I hope to make this a series of articles. You might be surprised at the amount of wonderful, informative, and well-written articles out there.

I would like to start with (so far) my favorite article ever written for the Whyville Times. However, I am not sure why I like it so much. It was written by Vixen68 (an old Whyville citizen) and is titled "The 'Good Old Days' Are Today!" Basically, the writer reflects on Whyville's past and gives some advice for everyone.

Now that I have that out of the way, I am going to start off my series. Part I is based upon aid or assistance. As children and teenagers, we go through a lot in our lives. We have problems we must encounter. Here is a collection of articles written by different Whyvillians with these struggles in mind. They cover a variety of important topics. For example:

Vanilla (an old Whyville Times Writer) composed an article on "Eating Disorders". She explained how she battled with anorexia, hoping that it would get through to others who are also experiencing this problem. There are some interesting statistics and opinions in this article.

Vanilla also wrote another article called "Depression: Why it Happens and What to Do". She tries to define what exactly is depression, as well as give you an internet website that links you to even more information and assistance.

"How to Beat a Bully" was written by Tech-Girl. It gave information about "why do people bully?" and "what are the effects of bullying?" There is also a website that you can check out for further information on topics surrounding bullying.

Tech Girl also created an article titled, "Painful Secrets" where she unleashed information about cutting. In the article, she explained how her friend had a cutting problem. She also tells us why people cut themselves and tips on how we can help them stop.

Dumblonde wrote an article on "Teen Depression". She explains how she struggles with depression, and how a person who is struggling, copes with it. This article really gives a different perspective on depression than Vanilla's article. I suggest that you read them both.

I sincerely hope this helps you out. You can find many great articles in the archives section, so you should check it out. I will be back soon, however, I won't tell you what my topic will be. It's a secret.

I just finished those hamburgers and they were very yummy. Now it is time to play some music... perhaps Avril Lavigne will fit my fancy.

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