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The Generation Gap

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The Generation Gap

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In our world, infants are born everyday and encounter the world for the first time, unaware and curious. At the same time, older people leave this world as wise, experienced, and intelligent human beings. Whyville is similar in this because new citizens are arriving everyday, and at the same time, older and more experienced ones are leaving.

The age difference between citizens can be great. It has been said that Whyville is best suited for children around the ages of approximately 8 to 14 years of age. This however is only an estimate, and much of Whyville's population rises above that statistic. Perhaps you know an individual on Whyville who is an adult. I am friends with around three or four adults on Whyville. There has been a debate about allowing adults to be citizens of Whyville. Some people believe that they should be able to visit, while others completely disagree.

Many are of the opinion that adults would harm the community, especially because Whyville is composed primarily of children. Right now, adults are welcome too, but there is a variety of safety concerns. These cautions are intended for adults who pretend to be children. These people seek out personal information and act in unsuitable ways. Those adults who I know well are very much unlike the example above, and try their best to accept and treat everyone equally.

Some of Whyville's talented designers and Good Samaritans are in fact, adults. So why should they be banned from being allowed to enjoy Whyville as much as any other human being? Remember that the founders and workers of Whyville are adults themselves, too. They take part in new games, challenges, and encounter the excitement of creating your own face and shopping for face parts.

The atmosphere that Whyville portrays is one of safety and comfort. I know a girl who comes onto Whyville and visits her grandfather who she cannot contact physically. They know that Whyville is an interactive, educational, and safeguarded website. Not to mention that it is free of charge, so anyone can sign up and get started right away. Many parents are amazed at what their children are learning, and curious as towards why they spend so much time on a website called "Whyville". Moreover, when they finally discover the gist of things, they too become engrossed with the site. Even teachers get involved with the activities, and some bring their classes to learn and interact with others. After all, the purpose of Whyville is to educate.

I believe that if we were to be strict towards the age groups that are allowed on Whyville, over half of our population would disappear. The majority of the people I know are over the age of fourteen. Even I would be gone, as well as other predominant figures in our community. Why have negative attitudes towards it if it is not harming you? It is understandable to be concerned due to safety concerns, but every individual is completely different. Why punish all for the actions of one or two?

I say that Whyville is ageless. A real life community does not have regulations on what age groups can inhabit the town. If we want to be treated like community that is respectful, intelligent, opinionative and free, we have to act like one.

What do you think?

Glory be, the funk's on me,



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